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Commercial Closings

Commercial Real Estate Closings are transactions that often include the sale of real estate and business assets. Some typical examples of commercial real estate transactions include: gas stations, hotels, restaurants, vacant land, strip plazas, etc.

Residential Closings

Residential Closings often include the sale of a primary or investment restidential property.

Short Sale

A Short Sale requires finding a buyer to purchase the property at the market price and negotiating with the lender to obtain approval to sell the property at the market price and for th elender to release their lien on the property.

Other Services


Escrow Services

Land Trusts


Curing Title Problems

Prelim HUD/Net Sheets

Bank/REO Transactions

1031 Exchanges

Hard Money Loans

Private Financing Closings

New Construction Loans

FHA Closings


VA Closings

Title: Step by Step

Take the stress out of buying or selling your home or other real property with Legal Title.

Consumers work hard to find a real estate agent they feel comfortable with. As a buyer or seller, you are entitled to choose a Title Company you can trust to work efficiently and accurately, and who will stand behind your transaction.

We do understand that at the execution of the contract, you can request the title company of your choice, and it is important that before making that all important decision you select the best partner to protect your interest and your property.

Protecting your property title today and tomorrow is our mission.

What is Title Insurance

Title Insurance is protection against loss arising from problems connected to the title to your property.

Before you purchased your home, ownership probably changed – possibly many times. The land on which your house stands also went through many changes of ownership. At any point in the ‘chain of title’ there may be a weak link from fraud or error. Someone may have forged a signature. There might be unpaid real estate taxes or other liens. Title insurance covers the insured party against claims and legal fees that arise from such problems.

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